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fundamental principles for procurement of eva precision industrial holdings limited

1. eva implements the values of honesty, integrity and justice.  we look forward to building up an equal, mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with you.
2. all procurements for equipment and construction projects must first be announced on our electronic procurement system.
3. suppliers which are evidenced to have done the below fraudulent acts will be blacklisted by eva.  penalties include business limitation, and short or long term suspension of business relationships:
(1) providing false documents, certifications and financial information.
(2) making false quotation, conspired or surround biddings.
(3) refusing to sign or execute the contract after successful bidding.
(4) supplying materials with impurities or fake ingredients, or using low quality construction materials. 
(5) quality of products, services or construction works failing to meet the agreed standards in the contracts, or causing major quality or safety issues.
(6) briberies or offering other advantages to our employees.
(7) actions which seriously affect the interests and image of eva.
please go to our official procurement platform for detailed explanations about our procurement systems and admission standards for suppliers.